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Truck traffic 3

Some politicians are telling us to wait for a bypass and not to press for a ring road for the town. They claim that a ring road will damage our chances of getting a bypass. This article looks at the political reality of our chances of ever getting a bypass approved.

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Whats in a name

Bypass, inner relief road or ring road? A road by any other name is still a road, right? However, much depends on the type of road we get.

As pressure mounts to get the heavy traffic out of Tipperary Town, different outcomes are being proposed by different people. This has led to a number of different terms being used for solutions and it is easy to become confused about that is being proposed.  This article looks at the various proposals and explains the meaning of the terms being used. Click below to have it all explained.

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Noise Levels Chart Main Street 4 July 2019 copy

Monitoring took place at 7 different locations, 5 along the normal N24 route through the town and two along N24 diversion routes due to the current Davitt St and Church St roadworks.

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Increase LPT

Tipperary County Council has voted to increase Local Property Tax by 10%.  See below which Councillors from the Tipperary Cashel Cahir Municipal Area voted which way.