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Site Notice for Shamrock Enterprises

March4Tipp is hopeful that a planning application just submitted to Tipperary County Council may mean some new jobs for the Town.

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For lease signs

A Freedom of Information request by March4Tipp has revealed that Tipperary County Council waived €283,000 in rates last year in Tipperary Town.  In significant cases, very wealthy companies and individuals have benefited. The result is that many valuable commercial and industrial premises lie empty, employing nobody, all of this at a time when businesses that are open for business are struggling to pay rates. Click to read more.

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Traffic queue for roadworks on Davitt St

Residents and businesses concerned about a proposed "temporary" roundabout at the intersection the top of O'Brien Street have made a worrying discovery when one of them noticed something strange about the drawings for the proposed roundabout.

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Barry Walsh photo 1000 wide

The March4Tipp Group has announced Barry Walsh as the third and final candidate to contest our local elections, which take place on 24 May.  Barry is another local who has experienced many of the issues that are affecting the people of Tipperary and this has motivated him to join the current push for change.