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Workhouse 2s

Aerial photographs show gaping holes in the roof of Tipperary Town's Workhouse.


A fire broke out following criminal damage to the Workhouse in March 2018. The fire caused a hole in the southern roof of the building.  To this day, no repairs or remedial work has been carried out.

Workhouse 3s

The building is owned by Tipperary County Council.  In the more than 3 years since the roof was damaged, there has been nothing to stop the ingress of rainwater into the building's interior.

Workhouse 1s

It is not known what damage and deterioration has occurred due to the failure on the part of the Council to do anything to prevent the ingress of water over those years.

Workhouse 5s

Many of the building's windows have been broken and remain unrepaired.

Workhouse 6s

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